Liverpool celebrates its excellent season with thousands of fans

Thousands of Liverpool fans lined the streets to greet the team and celebrate their double trophy-winning season.

The Reds won the FA and League Cups earlier in the season, but they paraded the day after losing the Champions League final in Paris.

After winning the Women’s Championship trophy in April, Liverpool Women took an open-top bus through the city.

Liverpool Mayor Joanne Anderson praised the teams for “doing us proud.”

The parade began at 16:00 BST and ended in the city centre after travelling nine miles past several of the city’s landmarks.

Liverpool supporter Hayley told BBC Radio Merseyside the “whole city was out in red”.

“We have been to every single parade and will continue to do so,” she said.

Another fan, Martin, said it had been “the best season” for the club, despite Saturday’s defeat and narrowly missing out on the Premier League.

He said the parade was also “celebrate our wins since 2020 too”, as Covid-19 restrictions that year meant the side was unable to hold celebrations after winning their first top-flight league title in 30 years.

“Rather than looking at what we have missed out on, let us look on what we have achieved,” he added.

Speaking to LFC TV, defender Trent Alexander-Arnold said it had been “hard to gauge how this was going to go [but] it’s been outstanding”, while club captain Jordan Henderson added the “least we can do is say thank you to the fans for what they have given to us this season”.

“We weren’t sure what it would be like,” he said.

“We were all a bit flat. But this is what it is all about.

“This is why you do it and who you do it for.”

In a tweet, Merseyrail said there was a “sea of red on The Strand” as supporters wore their team’s colours with pride.

Smoke flares were released at the top the buildings down on Liverpool’s waterfront as the parade ended its route.

Jurgen Klopp sends emotional message to Liverpool fans

Jurgen Klopp broke down in tears during the bus procession following the Champions League final, thanking the thousands of Liverpool fans who came out despite the sad defeat and upsetting scenes in Paris on Saturday night.

Klopp was moved by the Reds fans’ turnout and thanked them for their efforts in an emotional manner.

‘Without a shadow of a doubt, no club in the world – this world – that they lost the Champions League final the night before and the people arrive here in the shape they are, the mood they are. Absolutely outstanding,’ Klopp said on Sunday at the parade.

‘This is the best club in the world – I don’t care what other people think!

‘I wasn’t sure what we can expect. We spoke about it before, “What do we do?” You have to plan this kind of thing. You can’t just decide to have a parade. But I hoped that we find something like this, it’s absolutely incredible.

‘That’s the biggest sign you can give to the world. Yes, we won two competitions, great, but we didn’t win the last two – and these people don’t forget, they know exactly what a shift the boys put in. Absolutely incredible. It’s such a boost for everything that will come. Unbelievable.’