Blackpool’s Jake Daniels comes out as Gay, Football World joins in with support

Jake Daniels has received widespread praise throughout football following Blackpool’s striker becoming the first England player to come out as gay since the 1990s. The striker was named as a starter for the England national team and was also named in a list of players who had been coming out. On Monday afternoon, Jake Daniels Blackpool released a statement through his club, making him the only openly gay male professional footballer currently playing in Britain. The football world has rallied behind Blackpool’s teen in the courageous statement by the teen, who has come out as the UK’s only openly gay active male professional footballer. Blackpools Jake Daniels became the UK’s first openly gay male professional footballer following the announcement by Justin Fashanu in 1990.

Blackpool FC star Jake Daniels has become the first English male professional footballer to publicly come out as gay in more than two decades. Blackpools Jake Daniels has become the first active, openly gay male professional footballer in Britain since 1990, coming out publicly and making his announcement. Inspired by Josh Cavallo of Adelaide United, Blackpool’s Jake Daniels has revealed himself to be gay Jake Daniels, who plays for Blackpool in the English League Two Championship, has become the first openly gay active professional male footballer in England in over 30 years. Last year, Adelaide United’s Josh Cavallo became the only male footballer in the top-flight leagues to come out as gay, playing for the men’s A-League side Australia.

The decision by AdelaideUnited midfielder Josh Cavallo to come out helped inspire Jake Daniels, the teenage player from Blackpool. Gay footballer Jake Daniels became just the second British footballer in history to come out while he was still playing. Jake Daniels is the latest male sportsman to come out, following Adelaide United’s Josh Cavallo, who at the time was the only openly gay top-flight professional player in world football. A statement by Daniels was published on the Blackpool site Monday afternoon, revealing teenage Blackpool forward Jake Daniels has announced he is gay to the broader world, having told his family, friends and Blackpool FC a few months ago.

It was a watershed moment, both for Blackpool’s Jake Daniels and British football in general. Jake Daniels, 17, received the backing of his club and Stonewall ahead of the start of Come, and it is something that will have to continue, as being a pioneer is potentially a weighty burden to bear. Jake Daniels’s decision to come out as gay was heralded as a historic day for English football, with England captain Harry Kane being among those who paid tribute to Jake Daniels.