1 vs. 1 is important if you want to become a great footballer because:

“Any player who has good 1 on 1 skills can often make a difference in the game, creating chances for a goal for himself / his teammates. I wish the Coerver Coaching Program was available when I was a player! “
Jurgen Klinsmann, Bayern Munich legend and German World Cup champion

What are the benefits of becoming a good player 1 v 1 :

How to improve your skills 1 v 1:

To become a good player 1 vs. 1, you must first learn Coerver Coaching 1 v 1 Game Moves. Our curriculum 1 vs. 1 has 3 parts: Changes in directional movement, stop / start movement and visibility movement.

Second; practice practice! At Coerver, we break down movements step by step, which is the best way to perfect them, especially when they are more complicated. You can make even the most difficult moves look natural and easy. Regular 1-on-1 practice at home will give you the confidence to use in-game moves to beat your opponent and you will be amazed at how quickly you can improve.

Here’s why not try one of our classic 1 vs. 1 moves:

The side step

Are moves 1 through 1 intended for attackers only?

“Skills 1 to 1 are useful for any off-field player, regardless of their position. Coerver Coaching is teaching 1 vs. 1 at best. 
Osvaldo Ardiles, World Cup champion in Argentina

No. Defenders also need to learn 1 v 1. If you are a defender and do not learn and practice the moves, it is harder to recognize them in the game and to defend effectively against them.

Coerver Coaching is for all players and all parts of the game. And the more we can effortlessly move from attack to defense and come back again, the better player we will be.

Coerver Coaching Co Tips for the founder to improve 1 v 1 skills

3 things you need to know about Enhancing Features 1 v 1

Art is usually when the opponent is in front of you, so lie one step on both sides and then take the ball in the opposite way.

Do not take too many touches, good punches are usually one or two touches after a trick is done.

After the accelerated acceleration.

3 things you need to know about Improvement 1 v 1 Changes in direction

Use a change of direction movement to protect the ball (with your foot and / or body)

Once you have protected the ball, either add it or escape into space

With a persistent opponent you may need to make two single changes of direction until you find space to pass or run.

………………………………………….. …………………………………….

3 things you need to know about Improvement 1 v 1 Stop and Start

Stop and start moving is when your opponent is on either side of you

They work very well on the wings. To make your opponent hesitate, you have room to cross the ball

Control the speed quickly, then slow down, then accelerate

Players like Messi and Ronaldo use the game with these moves in the game. You can do this too!