Summer football challenge in just 3 weeks until the end

In just a few weeks of summer vacation, time is running out for your kids to hone their skills ready for the new football season. But there is no need to worry because Coerver Coaching offers a three-week program to increase the chances of first team action. Give your kids the perfect pre-season start.

The summer challenge includes a number of home football exercises to build your kids’ creativity and confidence on the field. There is a new skill challenge to work on every day, as well as a bonus challenge to complete with friends or family. And, you will see how your child gets more power over the ball while working on his juggling throughout the week.

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Did you miss the challenges from the previous week?

Here is an overview of the second week:

Day 1: Top Mastery: Improve ball control.

Main ball challenge 7

Ball Master Challenge 6 (with friends / family)

Main controller 1 or 2

Day 2: Improving skills 1 v 1.

Move Master Challenge 7

Moves Master Challenge 5 (with friends / family)

Main controller 1 or 2

Day 3: Improve speed with & without ball.

Speed ​​Star Challenge 5

Speed ​​Star Challenge 4 (with friends / family)

Main controller 1 or 2

Day 4: Improving ball reception.

Tap Master Challenge 1

Tap Master Challenge 3 (with friends / family)

Main controller 1 or 2

Day 5 : Improve passing accuracy.

Take the Master Challenge 3

Pass Master Challenge 2 (with friends / family)

Main controller 1 or 2

This is a football training guide that your children can take during the week. However, you will also have the opportunity to include all the challenges that your children enjoy and that the coach recommends. Homework has never looked so good!

Coerver® Coaching is the best method of teaching technical skills I have encountered; “Even after 25 years, it continues to grow and excite.” Erarard Houllier, former manager of Olympique Lyonnais Aston Villa, FC Liverpool, former technical director, French Football Federation and coach of the French national team.

There is so much that can be achieved during the last weeks of summer. So go ahead and put your kids on the path to fame with Coerver Coaching.

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