Football Spain

Authorship on all things Spanish football, Football Espana has blogs on a range of topics written by some of the best sports writers in Spain. Recent blogs include: “Why Real Madrid should sell Ronaldo“, “Goodbye, dear friend” (farewell from the Vincente Calderon Atletico Madrid stadium, which recently closed its doors) and “What we learned from the Spanish internationals“. The site contains weekly reviews of La Liga matches, as well as regular analyzes of top football news.


The site of the Spanish daily sports newspaper Marca has a space to check the latest news (the site usually has news from Spanish football in front of its international rivals), all the latest rumors and detailed analyzes of teams and matches in the country. Grow into the biggest points of conversation that day and let the football experts guide you through the most important issues in La Liga and beyond.

total Barca

Founded in 2009, the overall Barca has developed into a strong community of FC Barcelona fans and supporters. It is a great place for fans from all over the world to find out the latest news about their team, as well as talk to similar fans, share their views and opinions about one of the world’s best football clubs.

Real Madrid news

Real Madrid News is a blog that focuses on the Goliath of Spanish football Real Madrid. It brings fans news, match reports, analyzes and comments, and publishes a regular series of blogs, as well as breaking news. Whether you’re interested in Ronaldo’s latest rumors or want to update upcoming games, this blog is covered.

Atletico Fans

This English-language blog focuses on Atletico Madrid and the latest news, match analysis and rumors about the team. The site has a popular forum where fans can talk and discuss all things Athletes. Follow the team’s progress as you prepare to move to the stadium with the goal of building in the north of Madrid and leave behind your old belly, Vicente Calderon.

Spanish football and sports blog

A comprehensive English-language blog, Spanish football and sports blog feature La Liga updates, plus news, reviews, results and Champions League. Run would be a ‘Striker’ football fanatic and “former amateur footballer”, a useful and fun read for those who want to stay up-to-date with Spanish football.

La Liga Blog

British founder Andy McFarlane, who fell in love with Spanish football while spending a year abroad in Andalusia, La Liga Blog gives readers a comprehensive look at all the latest news from the Spanish top football league. He has a constant role of British and Spanish writers, who focus on news, view and match.